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Boats, exterior walls, and industrial equipment all require regular cleaning to stay in good condition. But over time, many items develop a buildup of dirt or some other debris that proves extremely difficult to remove. Situations like these call for the use of the industrial-grade, cold or hot pressure washing systems Edmonton trusts.

Your Local Pressure Washer Supplier

Canuck Industrial Sales (1982) Ltd. offers several types of quality pressure washers, including cold water pressure washing systems. Our Edmonton-based company has been in for over 45 years.

With our industry knowledge and willingness to help, we’ve been able to aid countless Edmonton businesses and residents.

Once you purchase one of our cold or hot water pressure washing systems, you’ll be able to remove many types of buildup from your car or other expensive machinery. Most importantly, using a quality pressure washer allows you to maintain cleanliness without causing harm to the surface beneath.

Advanced Cleansing Technology
Industrial-grade pressure washers give you several advantages over manual hand washing or other types of cleaning. Using highly pressurized water at the right temperature, our pressure systems carefully remove years of buildup.

To help you achieve the deep clean you need, we create custom-built systems to meet your specifications. Our pressure washers work perfectly for jobs that require more than simple soap and water.

Customized Options

Countless Edmonton companies have equipment fleets that require regular and thorough cleaning. The best way to accomplish this task is to obtain one or more hot water pressure washing systems in Edmonton. When you have a pressure on hand, you’ll be able to keep all your equipment in a nearby location during maintenance and cleaning.

Canuck Industrial Sales (1982) Ltd. offers numerous system options to meet your cleaning needs, whether large or small. To clean anything from a fleet of oil trucks to your personal vehicle, use one of our well-made cold water pressure washing systems in Edmonton.

Save countless hours of work by contacting us for a custom-built pressure washer at 780-452-5764 today.

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